Epiphany Sermon Series: This is Jesus


While the seasons of Lent, Easter, and Pentecost put the most flesh on the bones of Jesus, the season after The Epiphany gives us our first introductions to Jesus.  This year we follow Luke’s Gospel as he relates for us many of Jesus’ “firsts”… his first miracle, his first visit to his hometown, his first sermon, and others.  It is as if Luke, now that the newborn has matured thirty years, wants to pull us aside and say, “This is Jesus…”

That’s the thread that runs through this upcoming season after The Epiphany, “This is Jesus…

In the coming weeks, our worship and messages will touch on the following themes:

  • This is Jesus – First Step: Baptized!
  • This is Jesus – First Sign: Water into Wine at a Wedding
  • This is Jesus – First Words at Home, Part 1: Good News!
  • This is Jesus – First Words at Home, Part 2: Good News… for THEM!
  • This is Jesus – First Disciples: Called to Follow
  • This is Jesus – First Sermon, Part 1: Plain Talk about Blessings and Woes
  • This is Jesus – First Sermon, Part 2: Plain Talk about Love for Our Enemies
  • This is Jesus – First Glance of Final Glory

Join us on Sundays at 8 or 11 AM or Saturdays at 6 PM, January 13th through March 3rd as we say, “This is Jesus…”