As Jesus’ ministry drew to a close, he spoke boldly to about what the Kingdom of God was like.  It was a kingdom unlike any other.  It was a kingdom in which our earthly expectations collided with God’s spiritual expectations.  It was… and is…

An Upside Down Kingdom.

God didn’t turn things upside down; we did. Our rebellion against the Creator has so disfigured our world that it’s hardly recognizable from the way God intended it to operate. But that is why God the Father sent his Son into our world. Jesus came to right our wrongs…to forgive our sins…to give us eyes to see how mixed up we are in this world.

God’s perfect way is so unlike our sinful way, that when Jesus speaks it often sounds like nonsense. He explains what God expects in His Kingdom and it seems upside down:

  • First become last and last become first
  • We win when we lose, and we lose when we win
  • Big things are little and little things become big
  • Masters are servants and servants are masters

As the Sundays after Pentecost wrap up, our attention turns back to the Gospel lessons from Mark. The readings are stunning, and Jesus’ message is arresting. Nothing is at it should be, at least that’s the impression Jesus gives us. Hold on tight as we take our own adventure into God’s Upside Down Kingdom.

Service Times

Saturdays @ 6 PM

Sundays @ 8 & 11 AM

Dates & Themes

Saturday, September 4th & Sunday, September 5th

Where the Inside Stains

Mark 7:1-8, 14, 15, 21-23

Saturday, September 11th & Sunday, September 12th

Calvary Family Reunion Sunday

Matthew 5:14-16

Saturday, September 18th & Sunday, September 19th

Where Losing Means Winning

Mark 8:27-35

Saturday, September 25th & Sunday, September 26th

Where the Least are the Greatest

Mark 9:30-37

Saturday, October 2nd & Sunday, October 3rd

Where the Little Things are Big Things

Mark 9:38-50

Saturday, October 9th & Sunday, October 10th

Where the Children are Blessed

Mark 10:2-16

Saturday, October 16th & Sunday, October 17th

Where the Poor are Rich

Mark 10:17-27

Saturday, October 23rd & Sunday, October 24th

Where the Masters are Servants

Mark 10:35-45

“These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

John 20:31