Forward in Faith

Learn more about how you can support Calvary.


Through our Forward in Faith Fund, we seek to give school families, school alumni, members of our congregations, and friends of Calvary the opportunity to support our school ministry above and beyond our annual budget. Forward in Faith helps to support the following ministry needs and opportunities:

  • School Financial Assistance
  • School Capital and Educational Improvement Projects
  • Educational Opportunities for Students

We are thankful for you - our church members, school families, alumni and friends for your prayers, support and encouragement. 

Please consider a gift to Calvary Lutheran School’s “Forward in Faith” Fund.  These funds provide tuition support for families in need and also support special projects for the school.


Child holding Bible


Developing the financial resources to provide tuition support to those in need is truly a challenge. As we are able, we reduce tuition for qualifying families, but in order to sustain our school ministry, we truly need to strengthen our Forward in Faith Fund so that we can apply real dollars in granting financial assistance.

Please consider a monthly or annual offering of support to reach what is truly a world mission close to home here in north Dallas. Your congregational gift would help ensure that a child receives a Christian education. We pray that you can serve as the Lord’s hand to ensure that more children are daily trained in the truths of God’s Word.