Our Mission

Since our founding in 1972, Calvary Lutheran School has been committed to partnering with parents in the spiritual and academic training of their children. Our faculty and staff recognize that each child is a unique and precious gift, given by God.

It is our joy and calling to serve our North Texas community, whole heart, whole child, and whole family.


Whole Heart

At Calvary Lutheran School, our mission is to share Christ’s love with children and their families. Our educational program prioritizes our students’ hearts and souls, teaching them the truths of God’s Word in a grace-filled environment. This is done by qualified, Christian teachers and administrators who see their work not just as a responsibility, but as a calling.

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Whole Child

Calvary’s educational program includes the whole child: heart, soul, body, and mind. Our curriculum and instruction integrate social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual development to prepare children not just for academic success, but to grow in wisdom, creativity, purpose, and confidence for life. This whole child education is personalized, recognizing the truth that each student is a wonderfully unique creation of God.

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Whole Family

Calvary is a special place because parents have the opportunity to be involved in the education of their children. Children thrive when school and home partner together, so our program was built to intentionally include caregivers and parents. Calvary’s parents are included in classroom activities, involved in program development, and participate in the many family events we have on campus.

Our Values

These principles describe the perspective and attitude of Calvary Lutheran School. They guide our decision making and the manner in which we interact with the children and parents we serve and the community surrounding us.

We believe Christ-Centered education is essential.

Our Lord is the source of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Therefore, instruction centered on the Word of God in its truth and purity and presented with a Biblical worldview is essential for a complete education.

We believe children are a treasure.

Every individual is fearfully and wonderfully made by God, our Creator. Each child is unique and special to us and our Savior, Jesus.

We believe learning and exploration are
natural and noble God-given traits.

We strive to satisfy our students’ eagerness to learn with an education that is excellent by any measure. Imagination and exploration are key components in learning and development, so we endeavor to find and use innovative ways to keep children engaged in the subject matter.

We believe teachers are our primary educational asset.

All of the equipment, tools, and material in the world cannot replace the impact of a skilled teacher. Our teachers play a crucial role in a successful education of the students entrusted to Calvary Lutheran School.

We believe our staff, students, and parents are family.

A family knows, loves and trusts each other. We desire to cultivate a welcoming and genuine family-like culture at our school.

We believe in active participation in our community.

The school will continually seek to make Jesus known in our community with a bold presence.

We believe in doing everything excellently to the glory of God.

Excellence should be reflected in all we do from large projects to the most menial of tasks. Excellence will saturate our school.


Our Beliefs

We believe that education is rooted in the knowledge and wisdom of God. For that reason, our curriculum is designed so that our students are growing daily in a life of faith, witness, and service.

Our purpose is to serve families who desire not only a private education, but a Christ-centered education for their children. All subjects at Calvary are taught from the perspective of the Word of God revealed in the Bible and understood by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

To Know Jesus and to Make Him Known Faithfully, Boldly, and Excellently