Explore. Discover. Grow!

GROW Preschool is passionate about inspiring young minds to love learning from the youngest of ages. Through play-driven and discovery-based learning, we engage the natural curiosity of young children, guiding them to explore the marvelous world around them.

The GROW Preschool schedule is built to fit the developmental needs of early childhood years. Classroom activities nurture them, not just academically, but spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically, as well.

Parent inclusion is what makes GROW Preschool unique! Each school day ends with Family Circle Time, so parents can be part of the classroom experience and bring the love of learning home!

Program Options & Rates


Tuesday & Thursday
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM



Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM



Application Fee: $30/child

Enrollment Fee: $100/family

Registration & Supply Fee: $225/child


GROW Preschool runs from September through May. Tuition is calculated on an annual basis and divided into 9 equal installments (paid August through April). Tuition is to be paid by the first of the month through directed withdrawals or monthly invoicing facilitated through FACTS Management. A $55 fee is charged by FACTS to set up monthly payment plans. The fee is reduced to $25 if families opt for an annual or semi-annual payment plan.

Monthly tuition is not prorated for holidays, school closings, or absences as these have already been calculated into our monthly rates. Changes in program selection or withdrawals are to be communicated to the director at least two weeks before the requested change.

Grow Preschool Curriculum

GROW Preschool is centered on the HighScope curriculum.

HighScope is a research-based curriculum designed to build a rich academic foundation for children and foster their creativity and independence.  Learning goals are reached through a carefully designed combination of teacher-child interaction, a vibrant learning environment, a well-rounded daily routine, and ongoing student assessment.

Special Classes

Bible Study: Cross Connections

We listen to God’s Word, praise Him, and pray to Him.

Physical Education: Spark PE

We build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle through activities that develop strength, balance, and coordination.

Music & Movement: MusicPlay

We explore rhythm, instruments, and vocal training as we dance and move!

The Grow Parent Connection

Children thrive when their parents are involved in their learning. Schools thrive when parents and teachers act as partners. This core value shapes GROW Preschool and makes it unique.

Each day at 2:15 PM parents and younger siblings are invited and encouraged to attend Family Circle Time. Here students can share what they learned at school, parents can participate in the classroom environment, and teachers can share announcements and updates. These powerful fifteen minutes will shape the GROW Preschool culture and help us thrive together!


Meet the Team


Amy David

GROW Preschool Director

Amy David is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in Child Development and Family Studies. For nearly 10 years she has been creating innovative, Christ-centered programs for children and their caregivers. GROW Preschool is the next step of her early childhood program journey and she is excited to welcome you aboard!


Sarah Schemm

GROW Preschool Teacher

Sarah Schemm is a trained teacher, skilled musician, avid baker, and a mother of three! She finds joy in training young children to be active learners, problem solvers, and curious explorers of the amazing world around them.

Student Requirements

GROW Preschool at Calvary is open to three- and four-year-olds. Children must be three years old by September 1st and potty-trained.

Admissions Process

Step 1

Complete an Online Interest Form

Share your interest in GROW Preschool by completing an online interest form. Submissions will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Step 2

Schedule a Visit

As interest forms are received, we will reach out to set up a time for you and your preschooler to stop by to meet with GROW Preschool Director, Amy David.  During this visit you’ll learn more about our philosophy and culture so you can see if GROW Preschool is a good fit for you.

Step 3

Complete an Online Application

After your visit, you may request an application to Grow Preschool. Our Admissions counselor will send you a link to our online application. This process includes:

  • General school application
  • Submission of the $30 application fee
  • Submission of student’s birth certificate
  • Submission of student’s immunization records

Step 4

Stop in for a Meet & Greet Playdate

When your application has been received, we will reach out to schedule time for you and your preschooler to meet his/her GROW Preschool teacher for a playdate. As we play, we get a feel for your child's personality, interests, and development across different areas.

Step 5

Complete an Enrollment Packet

When the steps above are complete and a spot in the classroom is available, you will receive a formal enrollment packet. Complete the packet information, submit your enrollment fee, and sign a financial agreement to finalize enrollment.

Questions About Grow Preschool?