Igniting a Passion for Learning

As children transition into kindergarten at Calvary, they step into an exciting blend of play-based and traditional classroom structures that meet their developmental needs, ignite their passion for learning, and prepare them for the elementary school years ahead.

Through robust curriculum, creative lesson plans, and enthusiastic instruction, we engage our kindergarten scholars to actively explore core concepts in math, phonics, reading, science, history, geography, and Bible lessons.

As the kindergarten year progresses, students develop classroom skills, social skills, creativity, and critical thinking skills that serve as a strong foundation for future learning.

By the end of their kindergarten year, students are equipped and confident as they journey into their elementary school years.

Kindergarten Curriculum

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Bible Study: Christ Light

Old Testament, New Testament and Memory Treasures

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Beginning to read, write and listen using Superkids Reading Program.



Lessons that teach numbers, addition, subtraction, data and graphing, probability, measurement, money, shapes, and patterns.

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History & Geography

Studies in maps and globes, Native Americans, exploring and settling America and Mount Rushmore Presidents.

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Scientific discovery of matter, force, motion & energy, Earth & space, organisms & environments.

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Physical Education

Building a foundation for a healthy lifestyle through activities that build strength, balance, and coordination.

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Exploring beginner music theory, rhythm, instruments, and vocal training.


Meet the Teacher Malissa Voss

Malissa Voss came to Calvary in 2019 after teaching a combined preschool and kindergarten class for seven years at Grace Christian Academy in Falls Church, Virginia. Kindergarten is an important year as it lays the foundation for the school years to come. Malissa loves to help bridge the gap between preschool and 1st grade, guiding children as they grow, explore the world around them, and learn independence. In her free time, Malissa enjoys being outdoors, working on 1000-piece puzzles, watching football (Go Packers!) and spending time with her husband and young son.

“At Calvary, students are treasured, nurtured, and loved. This is the environment where children excel because they feel safe, supported, and ready to explore.”

-Kindergarten Mother









Application Fee: $30/child

Enrollment Fee: $100/family

Registration Fee: $500/child

Tuition and fees for kindergarten through eighth grade may be paid annually, semi-annually, or through a 10 or 12 month payment plan through FACTS Management using automated monthly withdrawals. A $25 fee is charged by FACTS to set up annual or semi-annual payment plans. A $55 fee is charged to set up all other payment plans. To learn more about our Financial Assistance programs, click here.

Calvary Lutheran School is supported by the members of Calvary Lutheran Church, Atonement Lutheran Church, and Our Savior Lutheran Church. Reduced tuition is available for members of these congregations.


Kindergarten enrollment is open to children who will be five years old by September 1 of the school year in which enrollment is being sought.


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