Message from Our Principal

Serving as the principal of Calvary Lutheran School is a privilege as I daily work with dedicated faculty and staff who understand that their service is a calling from God. Daily, I see the blessings of families who desire a Christ-centered education for their children and recognize that education is so much more than academic subjects.

Together, as partners, we all seek to fulfill our mission at Calvary to engage the Whole Heart, Whole Child, and Whole Family.

  • We seek to engage the Whole Heart and build a lasting foundation deeply rooted in love for God, family, and community that expresses itself in Christian service.
  • We know that each child is a unique gift of God, and that education encompasses spiritual, mental, and social growth. We want children to be well-rounded and therefore engage the Whole Child in education so that they can develop to their full potential and engage life confidently and enthusiastically.
  • We believe that children are God's greatest gift to family, and that the family holds the precious responsibility of training their children. We seek to engage the Whole Family in education, welcoming parent involvement and offering parents opportunities to grow in their awesome responsibilities.

We would love to partner with you and serve your family … Whole Heart, Whole Child, and Whole Family!