I’m so happy you’re here!

Hello! My name is Kari Barksdale and I am pleased to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to the 2023-2024 school year! I believe that a good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort among parent, child, and teacher. It’ll be a great learning and growing experience for all of us involved ☺

My expectations for conduct and academic standards are high. I want to help your child become the best student they can be and help build the groundwork for the rest of their schooling. With your participation both in and out of the classroom, we can look forward to a productive, creative, and enjoyable year together!


Personal Philosophy Statement

As a teacher, I want my students to know that Jesus loves them, He is always there for them, and that they can always turn to Him. I hope to inspire children to learn, to wonder, to love one another like Jesus loves us, and to live in peace with each other. If I can do that, I will feel that I have reached my goal! Each child is a unique gift from God, and I will love them for the child they are!


1st/2nd Grade Curriculum:
  • Word of God – Christ Light Lessons from Northwestern Publishing House
  • Language Arts – Superkids
  • Mathematics – Everyday Mathematics
  • English – Shurley Method
  • Science – STEMscopes
  • Physical Education – SPARK PE
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Art

5 Tips for Your Awesome Kiddo

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Frequently expose your child to books. Make it part of your daily routine, whether that be in the morning of before bedtime. Read to them, but also allow them the opportunity to read to you.

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Be Musical

Whether you listen to an educational music CD or a fun Disney sing-along, surround your child with music! Music can help children build a strong vocabulary and strengthen their social skills.

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Encourage Responsibility

Have clear, loving, consistent, and high-standards for your child. Children are able to rise to the occasion! Teach your child to be independent and responsible.

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Spend Time Together

I would encourage you to take time and listen to your child. You can gain so much knowledge!

Extracurriculars icon

Celebrate Childhood

Let your child laugh, play and even make messes: bake, make homemade Play-Doh, plant a garden, blow bubbles and make forts with blankets or boxes. Listen closely when they share the most amazing thing they learned at school each day.