First and foremost, I want to teach the saving love of Jesus and God’s forgiveness to all children through the lessons and stories in the Bible. I also want to show them what it means to lead a God-pleasing life, including letting my love for Jesus shine through my own actions in the classroom. I strive to make sure academic content is developmentally appropriate for young learners and that my classroom has a balance between traditional learning settings and play-based learning. I place a focus on keeping students engaged and active in our classroom in ways that support their learning. Of course, my hope is that the skills and knowledge students gain provides a strong foundation for their continued learning in later grades.

The following curricular materials our used in Kindergarten classroom:

  • ChristLight-Bible lessons
  • Superkids – Beginning to Read, Write and Listen
  • Everyday Mathematics
  • Pearson – Core-Knowledge History & Geography (Continents and Maps, Native Americans, Exploring and Settling America, Mount Rushmore Presidents)
  • Science - STEMscopes
  • Physical Education - SPARK PE
  • Music