Mrs. Malissa Voss


Kindergarten children learn about God as the Creator and Sustainer of the world through all time.  They also learn of Jesus, God’s Son, their Savior and Friend!

Kindergarten children are also introduced to their first academic studies with emphasis on phonics, reading, history, science and mathematics; however, children also given ample time to develop through guided play and exploration.

The following curricular materials our used in Kindergarten classroom:

  • ChristLight-Bible lessons (2016-2017 Old Testament Lessons)
  • McGraw Hill – Beginning to Read, Write and Listen
  • Saxon Mathematics
  • Pearson – Core-Knowledge History & Geography (Continents and Maps, Native Americans, Exploring and Settling America, Mount Rushmore Presidents)
  • Science-FOSS Fabric, STC Balancing and Weighing
  • Physical Education

2017 – 2018 Kindergarten Overview Document