Calvary Lutheran School has focused its vision around the theme, “To Know Jesus and To Make Him Known: Faithfully, Boldly, Excellently.” This vision statement encourages each of us to be in the Word, to share the Word, and to use our talents to God’s glory each day.

We recognize that the Lord has blessed many with talents to strengthen our school ministry. These school assistants hear the Lord’s call to service and respond with hearts and hands devoted to his ministry in the following areas:

Dedicated Classroom Teacher Assistant

Dedicated to a particular classroom to assist the classroom teacher by helping students when the teacher is instructing another group, supervising the class when the teacher leaves the classroom, leading/supervising recess activities as necessary to give the teacher plan and prep time, helping with classroom tasks such as copying and correcting as directed by the classroom teacher.

Small Group Tutor or Instructor

Serves groups from one or more classrooms by reviewing and reinforcing lessons and content, administering spelling tests, guiding oral reading, etc.

Classroom Course Instructor

Teaches an individual course to specific grade levels such as art, music, physical education, catechism, etc.

Substitute Teacher

Serves as a substitute teacher as needed for specific classrooms as according to gifts and abilities.

Mornings with Mommy Assistant

Serves as an assistant for Mornings with Mommy sessions which are typically held twice a month on Thursday and Friday mornings. May assist with registration, payments, and activities with children and parents.


Assists with coaching of specific athletic teams during the school year such as volleyball, basketball, flag football, soccer, and track.

Title 1 Tutor

Needs to meet teacher qualifications for RISD Region 10 to serve and assist with tutoring of eligible students in math or reading.

Teacher Assistant Training

The steps below outline the process through teacher assistant training. These requirements have been established in accordance with our desire to promote excellence in our school and to protect both students and school assistants:

Apply icon

Those interested in pursuing a school assistant position should sign the acceptance of call form.

Admissions process icon

Provide information for Background Check to the Calvary school office. The office team will contact you regarding what information is needed.

Language arts icon

Review Calvary’s School-Assistant Handbook and/or Teacher Handbook.

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Complete Alice Training

Complete the ALICE training video series. You will receive a link to your email to create an account and access the course. Please provide the School Office with a copy of your completion certificate.

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Complete Care Course

Complete Care Course's Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse, Texas Edition. Class enrollment information will be emailed to you by the School Office.