Patti Henrickson

7th & 8th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Patti Henrickson is a half-time teacher for grades 7-8 at Calvary. She teaches literature, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Art History, Music History and Spelling-Vocabulary.

She and her husband Jim graduated from Martin Luther College in 1986 and opened a new school in Torrance, CA. She taught grades K-2 there before taking the next ten years off to raise their three children, Jim III, Philip, and Kimberly. In 1998 she was called to teach Pre-School at Calvary, and in 2000 she was called to teach half-time in grades 7-9.

Mrs. Henrickson also just started her 32nd year of piano instruction. In her free time she enjoys cooking and doing arts and crafts, especially sewing/alterations, crocheting, and knitting.